radio (confidential)

An Independent Radio Project

Every second, 1.8 humans die

Radio (Confidential), as you may have noticed, has taken a long hiatus.

We are sorry to annouce that we are no longer taking calls at the moment.

Yet, we’ve decided to share the fist episode as a thank you to all who have called-in with their stories.

Music credits belong to our friends The Books, Andrew Bird & Mat Kuhlig. 

For more stories hop over here.

Listen & Call.


Radio (Confidential) works like this:

I. Call the toll-free number.

II. Leave an anonymous message with a confidential story - a secret, confession, regret, lie you got away with, etc…

III. Return to the website to listen to messages, hear new episodes, and look at strangers with more fascination.

[by leaving a message you give radio (confidential) permission to use your voice for radio broadcast]

some secrets were meant to be told.